Design and Architecture

Photos that broke the stereotype about the uselessness of corners


So many cones are full of angles trying to make something worthwhile of them that many have already despaired of. And in vain.

Beautiful and practical ideas for corners that work as well as in normal conditions really exist. You will immediately want to run and do something. The main thing - do not touch everything at once.

1. Corner arbor

It is the corner that allowed the gazebo to fit into the perimeter of the rest corner.

2. Kitchen cabinets with unusual facades

Amazing approach to the design of corner kitchen cabinets.

3. Modern home

In this frame, modern kitchen appliances look like a retro dream.

4. Ubiquitous Shelves

When every centimeter counts, corners and walls will serve.

5. Sheathing in the form of "fence"

Sheathing the corner of the village "fence" will give a perky summer mood, as well as hide and "send" to the right place all the electrical cords.

6. Decorative stickers

An ornamental tree will decorate the corner without claiming to be valuable space.

7. Fairy Dresser

Sometimes it is useful to dream, remembering fabulous stories.

8. Hanger in the hallway

When there is an absolute certainty that the hanger is only direct, such an obvious solution seems to be the height of creativity.

9. Staircase

This shelf, like an elegant "paper airplane", carries on its "wings" a cute bunch of flowers.

10. Theatrical screen

Such a screen can be useful not only in the nursery. A hidden place for dressing you need and adults.

11. Double headboard

Enjoy: this headboard will allow you to choose a comfortable sleeping position.

12. Niche with shelves

In fact, this is a fairly functional closet, built into the wall.

13. Chalk boards

Corner for schoolchildren, as well as for their parents (in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the office).

14. Umbrella stand

In this "nest" umbrella is always at hand.

15. Shelf "Cubes"

Adult look at wooden cubes.

16. Pipe shelf

Industrial design for a garage or interior room with a male character.

17. Wardrobe partition

Cutting off the corner in a large room, you can get a comfortable place for a dressing room or bathroom.

18. Multi-level shelves

Create a good mood from the doorway.

19. Curbstone with rounded "facade"

If the corner can not be removed, it can be a little "round". Tumba arc easily cope with this task.

20. Carpet sofa

The one who in the childhood delirious carpets-planes, will appreciate this carpet-sofa. He will brighten the existence of any empty corner.

21. Chairs "forever together"

Even the corner is not a barrier to the chairs that were intended to be made together. To rearrange them to another place, of course, is difficult, but they look amazing.

22. Unusual photo frames

It is good that there are options for speakers and for drowning corners.

23. Partition in the nursery

Such a "zoned corner" will create a personal space for each baby.

24. Corner fireplace

It will be the warmest corner in the house.

25. A table with a leg in the form of a glass

To the best of it, the pretentious view of the table will successfully fit into many interior styles.