Unusual use of the old bike: ideas for home and garden


Favorite bike out of order and urgently needs to be replaced? Do not rush to get upset, you can use the old one in some interesting project. Here are some great ideas.

Wheels as a decorative panel

The wheel from a vintage bike in itself looks very picturesque. You can add a couple of interesting details or play with color.

Build an original design chair

You can use the wheels as decoration or even as the main structural element of furniture.

Use the wheel as a tabletop

Add glass on top to get a very interesting table or cabinet. With the help of wheels of different diameters, you can create furniture of incredible shape!

Wheel as dial

Let the mechanical clock is not so popular anymore, because of the many more convenient alternatives, there will definitely be a place in the house. Mechanism and arrows can be borrowed from the cheapest model.

Pantry Storage Hanger

Bright accessory for the kitchen of the original design.

Use the wheel as a base for a lamp or chandelier.

Fence of wheels for your garden

Separate flower beds and beds from the paths, or use as a base for flower arches.

Use the wheel on the bed

Cucumbers and tomatoes grow better with support.

Interesting garden decor

Such objects will not only make the site more interesting, but also scare away annoying birds.

Make a decorative module

Great decoration for home or garden.

Come up with something really special.

Take a good look at the wheel and other parts of the bike. Maybe you will have your own ideas?