TOP 25 unsuccessful rework and projects that should not have existed


Projects "do it yourself" give a lot of opportunities for self-realization. Unfortunately, the desire to create with some borders on the absurd. Evidence that rework is not always cool exists. Here are just some of the failed projects that have failed, and in fact turned out to be unnecessary. Many of them should not be implemented at all.

Personal car upgrade

Place for your favorite mother-in-law. The main thing is to brake sharply, the rest is a matter of technique.

What we should attach the hatch ...

One can only hope that this car is filled with milk, and not gasoline.

If a trifle has nowhere to go, and the car requires painting ...

Heritage for your favorite offspring

Handprints - yesterday!

I want my childhood to not end ...

Kitchen Tricks

The second life of unnecessary things

And men's swimming trunks looked more solid ...

Freddy Krueger is resting ...

Deciding to extend the life of children's toys, it is worth knowing the measure.

Interior solutions, forcing the adequacy of

If the table is not in size - make it boldly higher ...

Here is a wonderful stool - after all, there is no sportswomen for demolition.

The tree is natural, and the error is capital.

Is it really in trend?

Super creative shoes - output ...

... and sports.

What kind of nails! Just a miracle - sorry you can not wash the dishes ...

Well, these are already stronger, but this is no easier ...

What is creative or super-dull?