20 photos, the existence of which I can not believe


Photos have become quite an important part of human life many years ago. Now, without them, it is simply impossible to imagine our life. And today we want to show you 20 amazing photos that deserve special attention.

1. Misol Ha Falls, Mexico

Misol-Ha Falls is located in the tropical jungle of Chiapas, its height is 30 meters.

2. Shining Norwegian sky

Magical aurora borealis and bright stars.

3. Light show Niagara Falls

From early November to the first week of January, Niagara Falls is lit by millions of lights, creating an indescribable light show.

4. Dancing Siberian Husky on the water

5. Photoshoot squirrels and birds

A talented Russian photographer Vadim Trunov more than once shot squirrels in their natural habitat, but this photo session turned out truly extraordinary.

6. Serpentine road in Chile

Los Caracoles Pass - the road between Argentina and Chile with a large number of turns and inclines.

7. Chinese soldiers doing breathing exercises in the wild frost

8. Dogs go to a special dog school in Canada.

9. Zhangjiajie National Park in China

10. Mount Washington (USA) covered in ice

11. Symmetric squaresPhare des Baleines, France

12. Australian worms grow to 3 meters.

13. Himalayan Monal - a bright bird of the pheasant family

Himalayan monal is the national symbol of Nepal.

14. Incredible spectacle of nature.

15. Thorny Viper

The bite of such a snake is life-threatening, and a specific antidote has not yet been developed.

16. Clouds that merge with the sea

17. The Namib Desert Fogs

The desert area is 100,000 km².

18. River inMari El, Russia

19. And so lizards are usually masked.

20. Ice Falls in Svalbard Nature Reserve, Norway