Stylish Celtic Fortune Hair Accessory


Celtic knots mean infinity and eternity: they have no end and no beginning. In antiquity, the inscription of the Celtic knot on gifts meant a wish for longevity and good luck in new enterprises. This seamless headband is tied with a Shannon knot, which symbolizes harmony and success in creativity. It is made of ribbons, cut from old T-shirts.


  • Sharp scissors
  • Hot glue, glue gun
  • Measuring tape (optional)

Step 1

Use sharp scissors to cut 2 strips 4 cm wide. Do not use the bottom edge. Each strip will be double layered.

Step 2

Tightly stretch the strips without straightening the layers. They should be "tubular."

Step 3

Fold just such a curl:

Step 4

Put a second strip over the curl:

Step 5

Cross the ends of the strips on one side:

Step 6

Place the left end of the second ribbon under the curl:

Step 7

Pull the end of the right stripe through the knot as shown below:

Step 8

Tie the knot gently and gently by pulling all 4 ends of the bands at the same time.

Step 9

Try on the knot on the head to measure the desired length of the rim, or use a measuring tape for measuring. Prepare a 6x9 rectangle cut from a T-shirt and place the ends of the rim on it.

Step 10

Squeeze out some hot glue on the ends of the tapes. Instead of hot glue, you can use ordinary glue for the material, but then you have to wait longer for it to dry.

Step 11

Wrap the carved rectangle around the ends of the ribbons. Be careful, the glue is still hot! Do not burn your fingers.

Step 12

Let the glue dry, it only takes a few minutes, then try on the bezel. Wear with pleasure a headband with a Celtic knot, may it bring you good luck in your creative endeavors!