Creative designer lamp from PVC scraps


A good lamp with a nice soft light can make any room more comfortable. Lamps made of PVC pipes will not only illuminate the room, but also decorate it, casting fancy shadows on the walls. Holes in the pipes can be cut to any shape, because cutting PVC is quite simple. LED tubes should be placed inside the pipes, and a light and very convenient lamp will be obtained. You can even make different nozzles and change them if you need a different silhouette on the wall. This flashlight can be placed in any room.

For work you will need the following materials and tools:

  • hacksaw;
  • sharper;
  • cutter;
  • grinding machine;
  • PVC pipes of your chosen diameter;
  • LED bulbs;
  • marker;
  • batteries, as a power source for lamps.

First you need to bring to mind the pipes themselves. Using a grinding machine, rid them of all unnecessary inscriptions and grind from all sides. At the end of the work they should be smooth and shiny.

Now cut the desired size. To make the lamp look more interesting, make different modules in different heights.

Now sand the edges of the obtained pieces.

With the help of a sharper make the slots in the pipes. The more holes there are, the brighter the light will come from the lamp. To begin, mark the contours of the future holes with a marker or pencil.

You can finish the work with a cutter. In this case, the holes will be more accurate. After everything is cut, grind the edges with a grinder. The neater you do it, the better it will look like a lamp in the end. Do not neglect grinding, although this is not the most pleasant part of the work.

Remove plastic dust from the luminaire and make sure all holes are perfect.

For this project used LED lamps with velcro. In the beginning, you need to fix the base, and then the luminous element itself is glued to it. Luminaires are powered by small batteries.

Fix all the LEDs in the lamp.

Now you can enjoy a nice soft light.

That lamp of different heights look really great. You can build a variety of compositions of lamps.

LEDs give a really bright light, even despite the small power.

Even if you decide to turn off the light, which can be done by taking out the battery, the composition will serve as an excellent element of decor.

This lamp does not need a socket, so you can put it in any place. The lamp can be made to yourself or as a gift to friends.