16 creative ideas that you can do yourself


Each person will find in the closet or garage a mass of objects that seem to be no longer needed, and throwing the hand does not rise. However, many useless items can be turned into beautiful creations, showing a little imagination and creativity. And today we will help you with this.

1. Soft toy "chipmunk" of old gloves

You will need:

  • brown glove
  • cotton wool or paralon
  • scissors
  • strings (brown, white, black, orange)
  • needle
  • wooden beads
  • fabric handle

We proceed to the manufacture of:

1. Invert the glove and use the pen to mark the details of the chipmunk (tail, body, head, ears and legs).

2. Cut out the parts and fill with paralon.

3. Sew the parts together.

4. With the help of beads, add eyes and spout.

2. Flowers from dried pineapple

3. Patterns for cards and decor

4. Roses from maple leaves

5. Decorating eggs for Easter

6. Stylish decor with toilet paper sleeve

7. Lamp with lace patterns

8. Drawing a plastic bottle

9. Broom out of the bottle

10. Eco-lamp that works on solar energy.

11. Pendent in the form of a rose from plastic spoons

12. A cool pet feeding device

13. Lamp from thermal packs

14. Vase of light bulbs

15. Candlestick and flower pot of clothespins and tin can

16. Night light with clouds