25 cool gifts from guys who made their own hands for their girls


We all love to receive gifts. But the older we get, the fewer gifts with which we can be surprised. In general, surprising a loved one with a purchased gift is a thankless task. Let's be honest, we are all adults and we can afford to buy these or other things. However, a completely different situation is with the gifts that were made by the hands of our close people. We collected for you 25 incredibly cool gifts that guys and husbands made for their second half. Hmm ... and what now to do other men after these guys so high lifted the bar?

"Redid the window for his wife, while her two days was not at home"

"Replaced the dial on the scales of his wife"

The inscriptions on the dial: "seductive", "sweet", "sexy", "hot", "delicious", etc.

“My husband made our room 8-bit on Valentine's Day, using more than 7,000 paper stickers on which he wrote the memories of our relationship.”

“My girlfriend was looking for a place where she could hang Christmas socks, so I did it for her.”

“I made a gift for my girlfriend. It took a lot of time. ”

Bank "The 365 Jar" contains 365 hand-written notes, each of which is marked with a color in accordance with its theme. Every morning of next year, you will take one note (in theory) to start your day with something good. ”

"- moments and memories"

"- quotes and poems"

"- the reasons why I love you"

“Made for my girlfriend a super cool leather bag for Christmas”

“Yesterday I made a pillow fort for my girlfriend”

"'I love you' - a message from the gardener ... who is also my husband for 28 years now"

“I made leather covers for each Harry Potter book and gave them to my girlfriend for my birthday”

A guy named Rich gave his girlfriend a puppy she dreamed about, but she couldn’t even think that they would ever bring him

“3 years ago, my wife was all in tears, because we were so poor that we could not buy either a Christmas tree or Christmas presents. So I took the garlands and hung them up like this in our empty apartment. Now we hang a garland on the wall every year along with the installation of a real fir, so that it reminds us of that moment in our life. ”

"Made for his wife a picture of her Labrador Retriever"

"Made a bewitched rose in the style of" Beauty and the Beast "for his wife"

“See what my boyfriend did for me!”

"I cut a bracelet out of a hard piece of wood for my wife at Christmas."

"Made an '8-bit' Valentine's Day Postcard for My Girlfriend"

“My wife went over a little with alcohol, so I laid her right in the toilet, creating a romantic atmosphere with the help of candles. I also put a hair tie on her and brought water, socks and a spray for the nose. I myself went to bed (candles are battery powered) "

"Turned the stairs into a Christmas tree for my wife"

"I made a magical elf ring for my girlfriend, which turned her into my wife"

"My fiance, and now my husband, made a ferris wheel for cupcakes at our wedding"

“I made a pendant for me and my friend, consisting of two parts with a topographic map of our city. The dividing line is the road between our houses. ”

“While my wife left town, I redid our laundry”

“My boyfriend made me this sushi pillow by hand (there are many small individual pillows inside it)”

"This I did as a gift to my girlfriend for her birthday - a mirror-cabinet for storing jewelry"

"My mom's cat had difficulty getting over the fence, so her man did it."