What can be taken in hand luggage in the plane: the new rules of 2017


In 2017 came the new rules for carrying hand luggage on the plane. We advise you to carefully read the list of what can be taken in hand luggage and what not if you are going on an air trip. Ignorance of such subtleties, alas, can darken your rest.

1. Food

On board the aircraft, you can carry any products, with the exception of liquid and jelly-like food. You can take with you:

  • nuts;
  • biscuit;
  • fruits;
  • sandwiches;
  • chips, etc.

For the child you can take baby food. But from yogurt, juices, jellies and similar products refrain, otherwise you confiscate them. Will also pick up canned goods and products in banks. All permitted products should be packaged in transparent bags. This will significantly speed up the inspection.

It is important to take into account the specifics of the carrier and the airport. So, at the Paris airport. Charles de Gaulle is forbidden to carry cheese in hand luggage.

Duty Free products can also be taken with you. The main thing is that the store packaging should remain without damage (the seller must pack the goods in a special package with a capacity of 2 liters). in addition, keep the check - it may be required during the passage of control.

2. Medicines

On board the aircraft you can carry such medicines:

  • pills;
  • various drops;
  • dressings;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

It is better if the drugs are in the intact original packaging, with instructions for use. Otherwise, when planting at customs officers, you may suspect that you are carrying illegal substances under the guise of analgin.

If you have an injury, you can supplement your hand luggage with crutches or other orthopedic appliances.

According to the rules, the volume of liquid in hand luggage should not exceed 100 ml. Therefore, if the medicine is liquid or in the form of a spray, make sure that the volume does not exceed what is permitted. Syringes can not be taken on board.

3. Digital technology

What technical devices you can take with you on board are determined by the safety regulations of the country to which you are going. Usually, it is allowed to carry in hand luggage:

  • a laptop;
  • the tablet;
  • mobile phone;
  • Mp3 player;
  • camera;
  • electric razor and toothbrush;
  • charging to devices;
  • voluminous appliances (for example, hair dryer).

On board, you can (and should) take more headphones. If you are going to listen to music or watch a movie on a laptop, the other passengers are unlikely to be happy to share this pleasure with you.

Although it is not forbidden to take a mobile phone with you, it may not be useful to you during the flight. Often, before take-off, phones are asked to turn off altogether, because they can interfere with the electronic systems of the aircraft.

If you are going to take with yourself a bulky technique, remember the rules. Usually the length of things in hand luggage should be no more than 56 cm, height - 45 cm, width - 25 cm. The maximum weight varies between 3-15 kilograms. The exact figure depends on the airport.

4. Documents, valuables and decorations

In addition, the hand luggage is to take:

  • expensive jewelry;
  • documents;
  • valuables;
  • Wallet with money.

It is better to take your passport and other important papers with you - so you will not worry about their safety all the way. In addition, if your luggage is suddenly lost, you will not be left in a foreign country without documents.

5. Cosmetics

On board you can bring any dry cosmetics:

  • the shadows;
  • ink;
  • eye and lip pencils;
  • rouge;
  • powder, etc.

Liquids, jelly-like substances in cans and bottles of more than 100 ml are strictly forbidden to be transported on board the aircraft in hand luggage. Pack them in your luggage case, otherwise you risk losing your expensive jars.

With cans of pressure on the aircraft is also impossible. Therefore, shaving foam and deodorants will have to get rid of.

Remember that usually the total volume of liquids should not exceed 1 liter. therefore, if you take with you, in addition to lotion and shampoo, also water, and their total volume exceeds the allowable amount, think what will be more important for you on board.

6. Personal hygiene items

From personal hygiene items can be taken in hand luggage:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste (although it is necessary to clarify about the latter - it is forbidden to take toothpaste with you at some airports);
  • wet wipes;
  • Shaver;
  • comb without a sharp handle (it is sometimes forbidden to carry metal combs);
  • nail polish remover without acetone with a volume of no more than 100 ml.

It is strictly forbidden to take into the hand luggage only piercing-cutting objects, for example, manicure sets (especially scissors).

7. Clothing

Experienced travelers recommend taking a jacket with you. In a light T-shirt or blouse it can be cool - it is usually hot in the cabin, so air conditioners can be turned on after takeoff.

You can take with you to the salon:

  • sweater or sweater;
  • coat;
  • plaid;
  • shawl.

Additionally, you can carry a handbag, an umbrella and a cane.

8. Other

If you are traveling with children, in addition to hand luggage, you can take a baby cradle or a pram on board. It is not forbidden to take newspapers, magazines and other publications with you (without fanaticism, of course).

Absolutely forbidden carry with you in your carry-on baggage:

  • a weapon, and everything that looks like it (if you have a fashionable accessory in the form of a grenade or a pistol - can be taken away);
  • piercing and cutting objects (everything is included here, even if you don’t think of using it as a tool for hurting another person, for example, knitting needles);
  • animals;
  • gas cartridges;
  • toxic substances.

The full list of prohibited items is often indicated directly on the ticket. If this list is not there, ask this question right at the airport.

Specify the rules about the size, they vary for each airline. Particularly serious about this issue are low-cost. Budget airlines have a strict rule: one person - one place of hand luggage. Therefore, everything will have to be folded in one bag or bag. An exception is allowed only for folding baby strollers, crutches and outerwear.